Saturday, 1 May 2010

Small E.L.F haul

Another E.L.F. haul coming up =)
Thanks to their 40000 facebook fans, ELF had a free shipping + free product giveaway!
I decided to take advantage and pick up a few things on Thursday, and was so excited they had arrived when I got home from work today!

I picked up some tweezers, boring but I needed some new ones, as mine just didn't grip anything. These ones are quite chunky so easy to get hold of, and seem to be working well.

I ordered the primer as I have never tried a primer before. I have just tried this for the first time, and my skin definitely feels different, I'm not sure how this will affect my make-up but we will see once I've tried it out properly.

I also ordered a concealer palette which has a few different colours in to neutralise any redness/bags etc.

Then I got 3 of the lipglosses free.

Can't wait to try these out properly

K xx

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