Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Twi-shadows are Glamour Doll eye shadows inspired by the lovely Twilighters. Now, I am a huge Twilight fan, but I am not so much into the merchandise. I was, however, drawn to these shadows for some reason. I have wanted to try GDE for  while, and the full collection was available in sample sizes, so I thought why not. The colours in the collection looked so varied and interesting that I had to try them out.
For this collection the packaging it is a little different to the normal GDE packaging, and I really like it.
I decided to go with the sample sizes, for several reasons. The main was I had never tried GDE, so I wanted to see what the products/service/shipping was like with this company, before committing to the full sizes. Also, with wanting to try  good range of colours, I didn't want too much product for me to actually be able to use.

Samples are available in baggies ($1.50) or in small jars ($2.50). There are 10 twi-shadows all together, and I managed to pick them up in a collection for $17.75, including shipping. You could get the full set in sample baggies for $11.25, but having seen the baggies, I am pleased I spent the extra money on the jars. 
(I was given two free little baggie samples with me order)

As far as service goes, I was kept informed of order progress and updated when my order was dispatched. It has taken in total maybe 5 days longer than my Every Day minerals order, but I think that is very good considering it is just Vee running the show herself! There is something satisfying knowing you are ordering from such a small company.
Here are some swatches if you're interested...

There are so many colours I want to try, and the Eye Lights look really pretty. I love how shipping is free for samples, and this includes international! Also, if you buy a sample and decide to go ahead with the full jar, the cost of the sample can be knocked of the price, which I think is excellent service.      
What are your favourite Glamour Doll Eye Shadows?
K xx

P.S I have had this saved for ages as I have been trying to post my picture of me with "R-Patz" (well, his wax work at Madame Tussauds) but for some reason it wont open on my computer, and as it is getting close to the Eclipse release I thought I should post it now.

Also, if the links don't work, I think I read the site is going back up later today, so check back if you want to see the info on the site!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

"don't come near me with that ming in your hair"

That was the response I got from my boyfriend after I applied Argon Oil for the first time last week. Honestly I can see why, it looked very greasy and it absolutely stank. I didn't mind though after hearing such great things about it.
I had slightly wet hair, and just covered my entire head and hair in the oil. I then massaged it in for around 5 minutes, and then tied it back, and washed it out the next afternoon.
On washing my hair, it was very difficult to get all the oil out. Obviously water and any oil don't well work together, and after shampooing twice I was still left with traces in my ends, and my hair looked a little wet. I decided to leave it and wash it again the next day.

Once I was sure all the product was washed out and I had dried and styled my hair, I loved the results. My hair was very easy to manage, and felt refreshed. My hair has for a long time needed a kick of life, and I think this product was it. It was worth putting up with the smell, and the mess (my pillow case was ruined) for the life my hair has gained.

Next time I use it, I think I will use it similar to a hot oil treatment, using a small amount every week, to reduce any residue left in my hair, and to limit product build up. Hopefully this will keep the results going, rather than apply a whole lot at one time, and seeing the shine and life deteriorate over the next few months.
 I wouldn't say I enjoyed using the product, but I definitely think it was worth it!

K xx

P.S. I have neglected my blog over the last few weeks, I have several posts planned, but just need to sort out the finishing touches.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Posh Pout

I popped into Superdrug to pick up my free Dazzle Dust earlier in the week, and couldn't walk past the Sleek stand without picking up the new "limited edition" pout polishes. The two new ones are Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Soufflé.
I already own and love Cadillac Pink and Electro Peach. I love throwing them in the bottom of my handbag and coming across them when I'm not looking for them and slapping them on. These two new colours do not disappoint either. 

I was expecting these two to have a different flavour to the original polishes. I think it was the name that made me think this. I am one of the people who love the scent and taste of the originals but I know some people who do not like the sweet vanilla type flavour that comes with this product. These new Pout Polishes also contain SPF, perfect for the summer months. I know I get sunburn in the strangest places - feet, lips, ears.
In terms of pigmentation, Raspberry Souflé is the intense bright colour of the other two Pout Polishes I own. Whilst Lemon Meringue is a more sheer result on the lips, although you can see the yellow tones. It is a refreshing change to the usual lip colours, however I am very pleased it was not too pigmented.
Both of these look lovely alone or with another colour underneath, and are definitely a purchase I am happy with. I much prefer these to the boring traditional lip balms, and I will eventually try the other two colours.
Which is your favourite?
K xx

Saturday, 12 June 2010

World Cup 2010

Are we all watching? Of course I am, and to celebrate here is a South Africa Inspired Nail Art.
I just used my eBay two way nail art pens to create this look. It was really simple to do, and looks really interesting on the nails!

I added the football as on one finger the lines were off centre. Nothing has to be perfect and there are always ways to disguise it if you go a little wonky!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
K xx

Thursday, 10 June 2010

London, London, London

I've been away this week! I had a wonderful time in London, saw Legally Blonde, and did a few touristy things (things I'd already done once, but I just love London).

Legally Blonde was amazing. I love Sheridan Smith, and her character really comes through in the show, as does Elle's of course! Such a fun show. Very cheesy but definitely a feel god show.
Covent Garden was amazing! This was my first time here, and I loved it. There is some tat here, but some real gems too! Very lively fun place to be.

The baby elephants were something different to look at.
They are all over London!

I also picked up all 3 copies of Glamour today, before this I had not heard of the IT stick, but it is an amazing creamy concealer stick. My favourite of the 3, if I only got one thing, I would have got that one. Of course I had to get them all though, such a good deal, and I'm not ashamed of bulk buying a magazine! Neither were the 3 ladies in the queue behind me at St Pancras WHSmith.

Did you pick up any?
K xx

Friday, 4 June 2010

Dying hair…

I have a love/hate relationship with hair dye. When I was in college I started lightening my hair as it had gradually got darker without my summer sun holidays and I loved being blonde. My roots now come through a medium ashy blonde, but I prefer it being light and bright, so I plonk a little dye on it. This makes me happy, but I know it is damaging my hair. My hair is very dry because of this.
I try to do what I can to keep it healthy so I can carry on dying it, and also try to leave it as long as possible between colourings. The trouble is I cannot stand to see any roots. I think it is especially bad because I am short, and everyone is taller than me so they can see my roots really easy. Also it can make it look as though I have greasy hair.
The point of this post? I’m not really sure. I wish I could find a solution. I wouldn’t want to be without my blonde hair, but I cannot stand to see the damage.
Anways, I normally use Nice N Easy, but saw the Perfect 10 on sale half price at the supermarket so decided to try it. Its the one with the comb. I really enjoyed using this, and the colour has turned out nice. I did struggle with the comb at certain angles, but it was nothing major. I have never dyed my own hair before, so this was an achievement and a major success of the product!
It only takes 10 minutes before it is time to wash it out. I love this because in my head the less time its on there = less damage, and also, I am quite impatient!


I love the colour! Now to work on getting some moisture in that hair!
Do you have any solutions for dry/colour damaged hair?
K xx

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sigma To Go

My beautiful travel size Sigma brushes just in time for me to take away to the wedding a few weeks ago! I loved testing these out on the go for real, and somehow managed to resist taking any other brushes.
I will keep this post  quick, I know you all know about Sigma... Pictures:

The brushes are nice, as everyone says. I managed to have the right brushes for both me day and night look, although didn't have anything to apply my gel liner. I used the tip of the concealer brush which worked as an excellent substitute, but I must remember to add a thin brush for eyeliner next time I'm away.
Thankfully I didn't have to pay import tax/royal mail fees! I was worried about this!

I hated paying $14 for shipping, I wonder what it actually costs to post these out. I chose the standard shipping, because it was all quite expensive, and the site says to allow 14-21 days, however I received my order within 9 days from US to UK, and that included a UK bank holiday weekend! I thought that was amazing.
Overall, I wish I had the full kit now, and after not paying any customs fees, I can justify buying it.

I got these with $10 off, thanks to a link on the youtube page. If this offer wasn't on, I would go for one of the full sized kits. However, I didn't own a travel set, so I am very pleased with my purchase.

K xx