Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Special K

Today is the first day of my Special K diet!
The diet involves eating Kellogg's Special K for breakfast and lunch, having healthy snacks (fruit) and eating a balanced meal for tea. I had my first bowl of Special K today, and actually really enjoyed it. It has a crunchy oaty taste and really filled me up.
I weigh  9st7, and my BMI is about 26. I am quite short at 5ft, so any extra weight doesn’t really have anywhere to hide. I would like to loose a stone, but will be happy to weigh anything under 9st. For two weeks I am going to eat (as far as practical) 2 bowls of Special K a day. This is not always possible for me, especially as I have to eat out a lot with work, but I am going to try my best.
I will keep you updated with what I ate and my weight loss. For this I am relying on Wii Fit, which I absolutely love. I am also hoping to do at least 20mins of exercise a day in one form or another.
So, here starts my Special K challenge!
What is your favourite weight loss method?

Don’t buy it, mix it!

As most people have been I have been obsessing over Cool Reserve nail polish from MAC. I think there was too much in the collection to really find anything I had to have, but the nail polish was a real want! I have love and friendship from the rose romance collection, but want something a little more grey toned for Autumn. Cool reserve would be perfect for this, or Metro Chic (Sephora OPI).
In the spirit of “project 10 pan”, I decided to make my own nail polish. I have a grey nail polish in the form of China Glaze’s recycle. I absolutely adore this colour! It is a lovely creamy grey colour. I used this as a base coat, with two coats on all hands. I then used my dirty lilac, love and friendship, over the top.
I used two coats for colour evenness, but once it was thoroughly dried I think one coat would be enough. 
Take a look at the pics!
Recycle looks like this all alone…

Top it with Love and friendship…

This colour is not really true to life as it was dark by the time I took this photo. There is a more obvious grey tone naturally.
It will be replaced by a more accurate photo soon!

Have you mixed any colours in the past? I would love to hear your favourite combos
P.S. I have worn this out today and have had sooo many compliments!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Just a quick thought…

Have you ever noticed the awful smell that comes from mascara? I was applying my mascara the other day, using Maybelline lash stiletto, and somehow got the wand too close to my nose and realised how horrible and chemically it smelt. I had never noticed this before (probably because I don’t make a habit of sniffing mascara?). This led to an investigation involving me smelling all my mascara. It was not a pleasant experience, and I can confirm they all smell quite disgusting, although some worse than the others.

So whilst I am not expecting my mascara to smell of rose petals, or vanilla, this revelation did get me thinking about the amount of chemicals I am piling on my face and body everyday. I can’t say that this is going to make me stop, but it has made me seriously think about it. Anyone have any good natural product reccomendations? The ones I have tried so far have not been the best, and certainly are no competition for my current products.

Has anything made you question the price of beauty?

K x

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Benefit experience

Who else is a sucker for packaging? I adore Benefit for this reason, the packaging gets me every time. I recently had a trip to Debenhams, with he intention of getting a new foundation from MAC. I got a little distracted by the Benefit counter.

The woman who served me was lovely (would be when they want a sale haha). She showed me the new perfumes first, they were in amazing packaging, like little houses – so cute. I wasn’t too taken on the smells, they were nice, but I wasn’t convinced.

Then it was the fun part – trying out the products. She was asking me about my skin and my makeup, and ended up slapping on some Benefit some kinda gorgeous foundation. I wasn’t really prepared for it, but I ended up loving it. She did half my face first so the difference was really dramatic when she was done!

I normally go for liquid foundation, as I just find it easier too use, I’m a bit lazy and feel it needs less blending. Some Kinda Gorgeous is a cream product, but I have been applying it with a foundation brush. I hate the sponge that comes with it! But with the brush it is great. I really enjoy using this product and am so glad I got it.


I also ended up buying the one hot minute powder. I have been using this as a final step after my foundation, blush etc, just to add a bit of glow for the evening. I really like that too. It looks a little scary in the pot, but once its on your face it is a lot more sheer. Again, I don’t like the brush this comes with. It’s really soft and a nice fan shape and would be good for on-the-go application, but it is much easier just to use a fluffy brush.


What’s your favourite Benefit product? Are you a sucker for packaging?

K x



I am super sorry, I promised a video would be up soon, but i have a cold (everyone seems to at the minute). So with my bright red nose and squeaky quiet voice I decided to skip on the video and write instead.

So, I’m going to quickly rave about my recent purchase from the Superdrug…

Here we have sleek makeup’s answer to the pricey MAC tinted lip conditioner. Pout polish! I absolutely adore the packaging and was sold from there to be honest. I heard about this online and went to pick it up the day it launched earlier in the month. The concept is simple, a moisturising product that adds colour to the lips. The price is fantastic £3.91 (or i picked up 2 for £6.99). I really like all 4 colours too! I picked up electro peach and Cadillac pink.

My favourite is Electro peach. It’s slightly different to the pinks I normally wear, and I think it freshens the whole look up a bit when you add a change of colour. They contain Shea butter, and have a gorgeous sweet vanilla smell, always a bonus. The product can be applied lightly for a hint of colour to the lips, or layered up for a more dramatic effect.

Conclusion? The product wears well, it applies very smooth and glossy, very moisturising, which we all need in the coming winter months, and not at all sticky. They also contain SPF, so perfect for all weather! I will definitely be repurchasing these too, and probably will end up with all 4 of the colours! A fantastic product! Good work sleek!

Have you tried any of these? What do you think of the other colours? Would love to hear your thoughts.

K x

Friday, 18 September 2009

Back again!

Hi everyone,

I have recently been a bit absent on the posting front for one reason or another, but I fully intend to get off to a good start and stay that way with posting regularly… honest!

So, what have I been up to?

Not a lot is the truth to that answer, at least nothing worth blogging about. I have been on project 10 pan with regards to my makeup so not a lot of purchasing there, but I’m finished with that now so I’m back on with buying makeup. I got off to a good start with my trip to meadowhall =). Haul video will be up soon!

Glad to be back posting

K x