Tuesday, 22 September 2009



I am super sorry, I promised a video would be up soon, but i have a cold (everyone seems to at the minute). So with my bright red nose and squeaky quiet voice I decided to skip on the video and write instead.

So, I’m going to quickly rave about my recent purchase from the Superdrug…

Here we have sleek makeup’s answer to the pricey MAC tinted lip conditioner. Pout polish! I absolutely adore the packaging and was sold from there to be honest. I heard about this online and went to pick it up the day it launched earlier in the month. The concept is simple, a moisturising product that adds colour to the lips. The price is fantastic £3.91 (or i picked up 2 for £6.99). I really like all 4 colours too! I picked up electro peach and Cadillac pink.

My favourite is Electro peach. It’s slightly different to the pinks I normally wear, and I think it freshens the whole look up a bit when you add a change of colour. They contain Shea butter, and have a gorgeous sweet vanilla smell, always a bonus. The product can be applied lightly for a hint of colour to the lips, or layered up for a more dramatic effect.

Conclusion? The product wears well, it applies very smooth and glossy, very moisturising, which we all need in the coming winter months, and not at all sticky. They also contain SPF, so perfect for all weather! I will definitely be repurchasing these too, and probably will end up with all 4 of the colours! A fantastic product! Good work sleek!

Have you tried any of these? What do you think of the other colours? Would love to hear your thoughts.

K x

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