Friday, 30 April 2010

I am...

For a new class at uni we had to define ourselves in 20 statements starting with "I am...", and I decided to share mine with you. Kind of as a little late introduction, so here goes...

I am 22
I am female
I am called Kayleigh
I am a student
I am short, 5ft1
I am blonde
I am happy
I am easily impressed
I am obsessed with makeup, and nail stuff (duh)
I am a big sister
I am in love with James Corden
I am a pub quizzer - twice a week
I am a dancer
I am never apart from my iPhone. love of my life?
I am very much a pink girl
I am a RA patient
I am a huge fan of Lily Allen
I am a princess
I am a Primark girl
I am a shopaholic

Finally, I am up way past my bed time - work in the morning :(
What are some of your I ams?

K xx

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fun Flamingo Nails

I finally got my hands on the new ice cream shades from Barry M.
As soon as I painted my nails with the pale blue (306), it reminded me of sky.
The Barry M polish itself is so beautiful. The colour is lovely, and the consistency is great. I am a fan of the nail paints as it is, but this one applies particularly well. I just used one coat, and it was even, glossy, and opaque. 

I don't know why, but I had the urge to create flamingos on my nails, so I used my eBay nail art pens (again) and created these fun nails
They were really easy to create and so much fun to wear.
 I can't wait to try the other colours I got, but I don't want to take off my flamingos just yet!
K xx

Monday, 26 April 2010

Today's the day...

I finally took the plunge, and purchased some Sigma Brushes. I am always wanting to expand my brush collection and have been mulching over which set of Sigma brushes to purchase. Today I saw they have $10 off their pink travel kit for youtube subscribers, and you also get a free eyeshadow. I decided that, for what would work out at about £30 including shipping, this would be a nice introduction to the Sigma collection. 
I am so excited to try these and can't wait for them to arrive in the post. I just selected standard international shipping, which was $14, and will take 2-3 weeks. I am quite impatient and want them now though.
I will update when they are here

K xx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

China Glaze: Lemon Fizz

I thought it was about time I updated here. I've been pretty lazy with painting my own nails since I have been learning acrylic nails (posts about that to come). A while ago now I tried out the Lemon Fizz nail polish by China Glaze. I had been holding out buying this because I wanted the lemon shade from Barry M, but I got bored of waiting for it to be released in Superdrug (although it is available now). I gave in and placed an order from eBay, and am pleased I did. I will of course be comparing this to the Barry M shades as I love their nail paints.
I really like this colour, although on application it seems a little brighter than it does in the bottle, it is a lot more muted than the other yellow I own (solar power). It is a lovely cream formula, which China Glaze does so well. The first coat goes on a little streaky, but with the second coat it is left beautifully smooth and shiny.

Cream is definitely my finish of choice at the minute, although you know I can't resist a good bit of glitter!

K xx

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Wall Flower Nails

I am obsessed with having flowers on my nails now that the weather is a little nicer!
This design received endless compliments. It reminds me of wallpaper somehow, and I really love it.

Basically I decided to paint my nails white, using ELF polish, and then draw part of a flower in each corner using my eBay nail art pens, and the add a little greenery. The end result is so cute, and I couldn't be happier with it!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

China Glaze: Peachy (not so) Keen

After lusting over the China Glaze Up & Away collection for a while I finally gave in and ordered Peachy Keen when I had some left over money in my paypal account. I can't believe I resisted for so long!
with the flash you can see the pale peach undertones of this orange polish
It finally arrived this morning and I am left a little disappointed! I think I had built up the arrival of this polish for so long that when I applied it, it wasn't at all what I expected. It seems far to bright and orange, compared to the colour I had in my head, or the bottle. I wanted a paler peach. It looks a little garish with my skin tone at  the minute, to be honest. I am hoping it will look a little better with a tan, as summer gets closer. 
The bubbles in the right picture are because of using an old topcoat (it's in the bin now)
Now, I feel bad for talking about a nail polish this way, I normally love China Glaze, and I have never been disappointed by a colour. I think however, this is one that has been raved about so much that the actual colour becomes twisted in your head. I do like the colour and I like it more each time I see it on my nails, it is just not what I wanted. It seems more like a creamy orange, rather than a pastel peach, which is what I really want.

As far as application and quality goes, it cannot be faulted. It is another smooth, perfect cream from China Glaze, a dream to apply, and is tough dry relatively fast. I am hoping that I can save this with some Konad or nail art as I really want to make this shade work for me.

Have you tried this colour? What do you think of it? Does anyone have any recommendations for a good pastel peach?

K x

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Nautical nails

Ok, so I am a little obsessed with all things nautical. I may have admitted to this before. Today on a gloomy day outside I was day dreaming about working on a cruise ship (random I know, but the sunshine and seeing different places draws me to it), and I decided to decorate my nails. This is what I came up with.
Drawing an anchor is really easy, and looks effective and impressive. I just break it down in stages as you can see in this video.
The blue I used was by collection 2000, and called electric punk, I also used a white by elf, and a white nail art pen from eBay. Base coat used was Rimmel Stronger, as always.
I might decide to brighten this up with red and gold if the weather picks up (and if I can find a red striper pen)

K xx