Friday, 30 April 2010

I am...

For a new class at uni we had to define ourselves in 20 statements starting with "I am...", and I decided to share mine with you. Kind of as a little late introduction, so here goes...

I am 22
I am female
I am called Kayleigh
I am a student
I am short, 5ft1
I am blonde
I am happy
I am easily impressed
I am obsessed with makeup, and nail stuff (duh)
I am a big sister
I am in love with James Corden
I am a pub quizzer - twice a week
I am a dancer
I am never apart from my iPhone. love of my life?
I am very much a pink girl
I am a RA patient
I am a huge fan of Lily Allen
I am a princess
I am a Primark girl
I am a shopaholic

Finally, I am up way past my bed time - work in the morning :(
What are some of your I ams?

K xx

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