Friday, 30 October 2009

Beauty Rehab Rose Salve

I recently posted about the Eyeko nail polish sale. You could pick up all 6 nail polishes for £5.40, with free international delivery and a free gift when using ambassador code E6706.
I couldn’t pass this offer up. I already had the pastel polish but decided to buy them all in the set to buy all 6 and have a dupe was cheaper than buying even just 2. It was a real bargain not to be missed. The polishes look lovely and I can’t wait to try them.
The main reason for this blog however is the free gift I was sent with my purchase. I got a product by Beauty Rehab called Rose Salve. The product description says this treats minor dry skin by providing instant relief, soothing smoothes and protects, and locks in moisture.

I have been using it as a lip treatment, but it says it can be used on skin, hair and cuticles, and even around the nose area when you have a cold. I will definitely be trying that out as I always end up with a sore red Rudolph nose when I have a cold, no matter what tissue I use, and never really thought of using a product like this before.
As a lip treatment it is moisturising and makes the lips feel smooth and cherished. It provides a glossy shine, and has a subtle rose scent, which I really like. If rose is not your kind of thing, why not try the spearmint scented one. You can tell you have product on your lips, but it is not overly greasy, and doesn’t feel like a barrier as Vaseline does. You can tell it provides moisture.
It is a colourless product and so wont affect any lip colour you use on top, and actually makes quite a good base.
You can pick this up from Eyeko, for £3, well worth it in my opinion. Don’t forget to use ambassador code E6706 to claim your free gift.
Have you tried any products from this range?
K x

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Another Halloween nail post…

As you know I got the OPI Tattoo Ta-boo nail set. I love the glow in the dark polish, and the cute ideas for Halloween nail art. Since then I have purchased the China Glaze spell bound set. This has four nail polishes in as well – the standard black and white, a chunky glitter top coat and a glow in the dark top coat.

Spellbound is gorgeous! Chunky silver and orange glitter, with enough glitter to be worn on its own, but looks amazing over a black base. This is as close as I will get to the Sallys exclusive colour Fortune Teller.
I loved wearing this, even though I normally go for a more shimmery glitter, this looked great.

I also used China Glaze Matte Magic over the top, just because I received it the next day and couldn’t wait to try it out. Matte glitter looks amazing, and adds a real Halloween edge.
(Better pics soon =))

This requires quite a lot of work to remove it. I was using the pads soaked in nail polish remover, which I normally use and find to be quite good (they are by Purederm, cost about 50p online - yey). I had to almost scrub at my nails with the pads to get this off. This was actually great for my nails, and left them really smooth and shiny. They have not felt that good and strong in ages. I actually loved the result, it was like a manicure.
The glow in the dark top coat, Ghoulish Glow, is really gimmicky and I love it. It does slightly effect the nail polish, it doesn’t particularly alter the colour but more the look of the polish as it removes some of the shine. It’s kind of a half matte texture. It is totally worth it as the glow is so cool.

So the question is OPI or China Glaze this Halloween?

To be honest, I could not decide between the two, as they both had bits that I wanted. I like the fact that you can choose your own glow in the dark colour with China Glaze, but I’m not sure how often I would use it. The OPI has a wider variety of colours, and you could always use the sheer glow in the dark blue as a top coat. The white in the China Glaze is much better, but the black in the OPI set was better.
I think if forced to make a choice I would go with China Glaze.
K x

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Beauty disappointments

So today has not been a good day for me product wise.
I hit pan on my new Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous foundation! I can not believe it. I have had it for around a month. I haven’t even used it everyday. I don’t know why I have gone through it so fast. I guess this is why I prefer my liquid foundations, they seem to last forever. I am so annoyed with how fast it is using up I will not be repurchasing. It was a great foundation, and don’t get me wrong, there is a fair bit of product left, but I really did not want to be hitting pan that fast, and don't think it will last that much longer.
I am looking at this as an opportunity to find something new and amazing. I have been on this search for a little while now since my Just Perfect foundation was discontinued. I am not sure what to try next, maybe Revlon colour stay, or something by MAC.
The other disappointment comes from the Body Shop. A while ago I did a video raving about the Body Shop at home. I bought two body butters – the Satsuma and the coconut shimmer. This was in August  I think. So today I reach out my Coconut one, and it looks almost solidified and smells very strongly of a plastic or alcohol smell. Not very coconut at all. Now I don’t know what is going on here because I store it in the same place as my Satsuma, which is still lovely, and they are supposed to be good for 12 months.
I am going to investigate. I’ll keep you updated.
Has anyone else had any problems like this?
K x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Primani, my new love

That’s right, I am a Primark convert! After confessing my addiction to Benefit because of their packaging, I stumbled across a collection of makeup in Primark. I have occasionally found some good buys in there before, like a 50p dupe for benetint, and high beam, but the compromise comes with the basic packaging.
The new, slightly more expensive packaged items are highly addictive, with their cute cheesey benefit-esque packaging.

Among my favourite items is the little glow cheek bronzer, in a shimmer brick style. This is highly pigmented and the individual colours can be used alone or together. As a bronzer it can come across a little orange toned, but a good bit of blending sorts that right out. I have also used these as eye shadow as well. So versatile and cheap.

My favourite packaging comes from "the happy couple" blush and highlight. This just screams Benefit to me! The box, the brush, the product. The highlight colour is not pigmented enough to use on its own, but I love swirling them together to create a pretty bronzey cheek colour.

Also, the cheek tint and highlighter is fabulous! The tint reminds me of the “just a pinch” gel blush from MAC. This value version is not as pigmented and so is great for a sheer wash of colour on the cheek, but can also be built up to a more intense blush. The highlight wand is my favourite, I have been using it to highlight my brow bone mostly, but it also works well on the cheek bone.

Another product worth mentioning is the “souflace” foundation. This is a mousse foundation. I believe it is done in three shades. It provides a surprising amount of coverage for the price, or any price at that matter. Sometimes I just use it in areas I need to conceal, and sometimes as a full face foundation. It leaves a smooth finish to the skin and makes me feel really confident.

It should be said I don’t have particularly sensitive skin or very often break-out, so I’m not sure how these products would affect that.
Among the regular range I managed to find a gel liner for 50p. I was not expecting anything special from this product, but it is really pigmented, creamy and easy to work with. Nicer than some of my other gel liners which have been dry and flakey from the beginning (the avon one was particularly bad for this, and wasn't too cheap at £8).

There are so many other products there I would love to try. Most of the products are £3.50, but some are cheaper!
I love finding new buys like this!
What are your favourite bargain buys?

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Halloween according to OPI

This morning I received my OPI Halloween set. I saw it on eBay and it looked so cute! It cost about £4 plus shipping. This years edition is called Tattoo ta-boo!, in light of the free temporary tattoos that come in the set. You get 4 miniature bottles of nail polish.

This years colours are (left to right) Witch Arm? (black), Glow-ink the dark (blue), Tattoo You Want Candy (orange), and I Love Mummy (white).
Each bottle is a cute-sized 3.75ml. Most of the colours are pretty standard, a black, white and an orange. The “special” colour is glow-ink the dark, the blue colour, which glows in the dark. It has to be very dark for this to work, but is kinda cool.
On the back of the pack are some ideas for Halloween nail art, so I took inspiration from this, went down to my local craft store and picked up some thin paint brushes and got to work.

I started with a a full nail of glow-ink the dark. This colour is so even and smooth. The small brush provides a perfect application.  This was unbelievably sheer after one coat…

but keep going, and 4 coats later, a lovely colour is formed.

This is kind of similar to a matte polish in consistency, and appearance. It doesn't last too long on the nails, but it is worth it in my opinion. Besides how long can you really have glow in the dark nails for.

I then used I Love Mummy to create the white dots, and used my small paint brush to put black dots in the white circles.
And here we have my “eyes on you” Halloween nail art.

Can’t wait to try the next design.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

More Eyeko for your money

If you read my old blog you will remember my rave for Eyeko products! Especially the nail polish and mascara. I will have to dig out the post to remind you!
I have just been on their website and seen some amazing products. There are some limited edition products (o I love limited edition) such as the eye beauty, and the magic mascara which I can’t wait to try, but the main reason for this post is the amazing value sets you can grab your hands on. These would make cute Christmas gifts, or great value presents for yourself. For example, you can pick up all 6 nail polishes for £9, or the tinted cream and Eyeko cream for £8. These are great value and let you try some new products a little cheaper. These can be picked up in Superdrug stores across the UK, or alternatively, order online at and use ambassador code E6706 to get a free gift with every purchase!
Let me know if you pick up any products!

Monday, 5 October 2009

The start of something?

I have recently become really interested in nail polish. The past few months I have not gone a day without wearing it. I love experimenting with new colour combos and designs. I intend to update you with these often.
China glaze was my first ebay purchase nail polish wise, and I haven’t looked back. I have recently discovered an ebay seller who ships to the UK quite cheaply, it works out about £5 a bottle. Some drug store brands are more expensive than that so I think that is a good buy.
My opinion of OPI is very positive at the moment after trying Mod About You. This is a gorgeous creamy baby pink. Whilst I am not completely sold on the matte trend, this has no shimmer, but is not a flat colour there definitely is high shine.
As soon as this colour landed on my doorstep I had to apply it. I was in a rush so no base or top coat (tut tut), but this has not affected the durability and shine. Five days later and no chips? What more can I ask.

As far as application this was a dream. I’m not sure how I feel about the large brush, as I have always felt like I needed a smaller brush for greater control, but actually there was hardly any clean up required. The large brush was good as I did not need to go over each nail several times for each coat, just one swipe and it was done. You do end up with a large amount of product on the brush, but this is easily wiped on the top of the bottle. Evenness of colour and opacity cannot be faulted. I am truly sold and can feel a large collection of OPI coming along.
Do you have any colour recommendations?