Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Another Halloween nail post…

As you know I got the OPI Tattoo Ta-boo nail set. I love the glow in the dark polish, and the cute ideas for Halloween nail art. Since then I have purchased the China Glaze spell bound set. This has four nail polishes in as well – the standard black and white, a chunky glitter top coat and a glow in the dark top coat.

Spellbound is gorgeous! Chunky silver and orange glitter, with enough glitter to be worn on its own, but looks amazing over a black base. This is as close as I will get to the Sallys exclusive colour Fortune Teller.
I loved wearing this, even though I normally go for a more shimmery glitter, this looked great.

I also used China Glaze Matte Magic over the top, just because I received it the next day and couldn’t wait to try it out. Matte glitter looks amazing, and adds a real Halloween edge.
(Better pics soon =))

This requires quite a lot of work to remove it. I was using the pads soaked in nail polish remover, which I normally use and find to be quite good (they are by Purederm, cost about 50p online - yey). I had to almost scrub at my nails with the pads to get this off. This was actually great for my nails, and left them really smooth and shiny. They have not felt that good and strong in ages. I actually loved the result, it was like a manicure.
The glow in the dark top coat, Ghoulish Glow, is really gimmicky and I love it. It does slightly effect the nail polish, it doesn’t particularly alter the colour but more the look of the polish as it removes some of the shine. It’s kind of a half matte texture. It is totally worth it as the glow is so cool.

So the question is OPI or China Glaze this Halloween?

To be honest, I could not decide between the two, as they both had bits that I wanted. I like the fact that you can choose your own glow in the dark colour with China Glaze, but I’m not sure how often I would use it. The OPI has a wider variety of colours, and you could always use the sheer glow in the dark blue as a top coat. The white in the China Glaze is much better, but the black in the OPI set was better.
I think if forced to make a choice I would go with China Glaze.
K x

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