Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Primani, my new love

That’s right, I am a Primark convert! After confessing my addiction to Benefit because of their packaging, I stumbled across a collection of makeup in Primark. I have occasionally found some good buys in there before, like a 50p dupe for benetint, and high beam, but the compromise comes with the basic packaging.
The new, slightly more expensive packaged items are highly addictive, with their cute cheesey benefit-esque packaging.

Among my favourite items is the little glow cheek bronzer, in a shimmer brick style. This is highly pigmented and the individual colours can be used alone or together. As a bronzer it can come across a little orange toned, but a good bit of blending sorts that right out. I have also used these as eye shadow as well. So versatile and cheap.

My favourite packaging comes from "the happy couple" blush and highlight. This just screams Benefit to me! The box, the brush, the product. The highlight colour is not pigmented enough to use on its own, but I love swirling them together to create a pretty bronzey cheek colour.

Also, the cheek tint and highlighter is fabulous! The tint reminds me of the “just a pinch” gel blush from MAC. This value version is not as pigmented and so is great for a sheer wash of colour on the cheek, but can also be built up to a more intense blush. The highlight wand is my favourite, I have been using it to highlight my brow bone mostly, but it also works well on the cheek bone.

Another product worth mentioning is the “souflace” foundation. This is a mousse foundation. I believe it is done in three shades. It provides a surprising amount of coverage for the price, or any price at that matter. Sometimes I just use it in areas I need to conceal, and sometimes as a full face foundation. It leaves a smooth finish to the skin and makes me feel really confident.

It should be said I don’t have particularly sensitive skin or very often break-out, so I’m not sure how these products would affect that.
Among the regular range I managed to find a gel liner for 50p. I was not expecting anything special from this product, but it is really pigmented, creamy and easy to work with. Nicer than some of my other gel liners which have been dry and flakey from the beginning (the avon one was particularly bad for this, and wasn't too cheap at £8).

There are so many other products there I would love to try. Most of the products are £3.50, but some are cheaper!
I love finding new buys like this!
What are your favourite bargain buys?

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