Friday, 30 October 2009

Beauty Rehab Rose Salve

I recently posted about the Eyeko nail polish sale. You could pick up all 6 nail polishes for £5.40, with free international delivery and a free gift when using ambassador code E6706.
I couldn’t pass this offer up. I already had the pastel polish but decided to buy them all in the set to buy all 6 and have a dupe was cheaper than buying even just 2. It was a real bargain not to be missed. The polishes look lovely and I can’t wait to try them.
The main reason for this blog however is the free gift I was sent with my purchase. I got a product by Beauty Rehab called Rose Salve. The product description says this treats minor dry skin by providing instant relief, soothing smoothes and protects, and locks in moisture.

I have been using it as a lip treatment, but it says it can be used on skin, hair and cuticles, and even around the nose area when you have a cold. I will definitely be trying that out as I always end up with a sore red Rudolph nose when I have a cold, no matter what tissue I use, and never really thought of using a product like this before.
As a lip treatment it is moisturising and makes the lips feel smooth and cherished. It provides a glossy shine, and has a subtle rose scent, which I really like. If rose is not your kind of thing, why not try the spearmint scented one. You can tell you have product on your lips, but it is not overly greasy, and doesn’t feel like a barrier as Vaseline does. You can tell it provides moisture.
It is a colourless product and so wont affect any lip colour you use on top, and actually makes quite a good base.
You can pick this up from Eyeko, for £3, well worth it in my opinion. Don’t forget to use ambassador code E6706 to claim your free gift.
Have you tried any products from this range?
K x

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