Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My new gadget

I recently bought one of those automatic hand wash dispenser from dettol. I was a little sceptical about it, but had to try it, and I love it. So convenient and easy. So when I was shopping in Superdrug and saw that Clearasil had brought out a similar one for their face wash, I was all over it.

It was so easy to set up, just click the bottle in place and turn it on.

I got the super fruit version, but there's also a green one. I loved the smell of the pink one I got, not too sure what the other one smells like though. Here it is resting proudly in my bathroom. Its looks good, and works well. I've really enjoyed using this product.

K x

Sunday, 8 January 2012

My sale purchases...

My sale shopping this year must have been a bit halfhearted. I cant have been interested in shopping this past few weeks as I have only ended up with a (very) small ASOS order.

I love the anatomicals and ASOS stuff, its all so gimicky, right up my street! I got the "breath-a-lies" kit which had mints and a mouth spray, perfect for the handbag. Also I had never had one of those gel eye masks, and it would be rude not to try it seeing as it was in the sale (It seems to be sold out now, but here is a similar one). I also picked up a barry m eye liner and the black shatter polish for a bargain of £3 total.
Finally, I cannot wait to wear this Lipsy hair band on a night out

What did you pick up in the sales?

K x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year, 2012!

In 2011...
I worked too much
I lost my Grandad, and my kitty (heart broken!)
I went to Ibiza
I met many beautiful people
Nights out, dancing and laughing
Megabus to london
Shrek the musical
2 friends weddings
Eden Camp
My little brother moved out
I met my Partner in Crime at work
My first New Year around town!
I shattered my iPhone screen...
But I got the new iPhone 4s
It's been an up and down year

In 2012...
I want to make the most of my time
Treasure every moment
Love and laughter to be key

I hope you all had a fabulous New Year and 2012 is kind to you. I had a perfect New Year's Eve, and I spent it with some amazing people, dancing the night away. Thank you to everyone who made 2011 what it was, I love you all.

K x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

28 Neutral Palette

A few weeks ago I bought the 28 neutral palette from eBay. This is the same one available from coastal scents, crown brush, Sedonna lace, and other web stores like those. The only differences being, this one ships from china, and was on sale for the bargain price of £5.
Overall I really like this palette, it is a staple piece, and can create a variety of looks from casual daytime looks to more dramatic eyes. I like how the palette has a range of finishes, shimmer and matte and glitter.
I have included a link to the seller I bought mine from as I was happy with the service, and the packaging was secure with all shadows arriving intact.

K x

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Copy Cat Style

I first saw the House of Harlow jewellery sported by TiffanyD in one of her videos, and fell in love. One day I happened across a ring in the style of their jewellery on eBay so obviously I had to buy it.
As shown in this post

Well, the reason for this post is after the lovely VIPXO posted one of her eBay designer inspired posts about the HoH style stuff, I got a little carried away. So so bargainous, and great for a statement piece, I stocked up!

I'm not going to rewrite Victoria's post and steal her thunder, so here is a link so you can see for yourself the amazing finds!

K x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Precision application

Last week I got some new brushes. Surprise surprise they are from Sigma.
A couple of weeks ago Sigma released their new collection of 4 precision brushes. These are pretty unique, and were a must purchase for me. The brushes included in the Precision kit are pretty much smaller versions of the Sigmax Kabuki brushes, including the new pointed tip brush.

P80 - Precision Flat
This is a small flat top brush, and is great for buffing concealer into small areas, and providing a flawless finish. This brush is great for cream and liquid product like concealer.

P82 - Precision round
This brush is pretty unique. It is designed to mimic finger tips in makeup application. The shape of this brush makes it ideal for applying products on and around the eyes. Eyeshadow bases and concealer apply well with this brush, and the shape makes it easy to get into tight corners other brushes might miss.

This brush is great for contouring. It provides a sharp,  defined  look whilst still blending the product.  Works well with powder and cream products.  This brush can be used for larger areas such as contouring the cheek, but  also for more detailed work, it is ideal for contouring the nose, or highlighting the cheek and eye areas.

P86 - Precision Tapered
This tapered brush is perfect for getting into tiny detailed areas. This brush works well for concealer under the eye, as well as highlighting. I enjoy using this brush because it is something a little different. I also cant wait to try the F86, the corresponding kabuki brush in the Sigmax collection.

I have loved trying out these brushes and finding different uses for them. I don't however think they are all essentials. Depending on your usage of makeup depends on which brushes you might get. I would recommend all of them, and I do like a variety of brushes in my collection, but notice how many of the uses overlap.
Including shipping to the UK these cost me around £35 which I thought was a good deal. And with no import duty I was pretty pleased.Thank you, Sigma Beauty!

Have you tried these out yet?

K x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Party Nails

Here are the nails I wore on my night out this weekend. I absolutely love them!

I used ELF Purple Dream, and Mad as a Hatter from OPIs Alice in Wonderland collection for the accent nail and glitter tips. I had so many comments and compliments on my nails. Definitely will be trying something similar again.

K x