Sunday, 28 February 2010

Quick Tip: A New Use For Dried Facial Wipes

I am a huge fan of face wipes, I probably have a pack in every room, and use them for everything from taking make-up off to quick fixes, and wiping down surfaces. I just buy cheap ones from the supermarket. Here is my very glamorous pack from Morrisons, costing around 50p.
I'm sure we've all experienced dried up face wipes. I used to get a little frustrated, until I found a new use for them. Even the great trick of turning the pack upside down, so the liquid is more concentrated on the top wipes, fails me some times. Mostly because I prefer things to be the right way round, or I simply forget, but often damaged or old packaging can cause the top wipe to dry out. Once the seal looses stickyness they can dry out very quickly.

I have recently started using the dried ones to remove nail varnish. I was very impressed when it  removed my black nail varnish perfectly and easily! 
I love the results.The polish seems to come off much easier, and the fibers don't shred like cotton wool can. I also find they hold the polish remover better. Also, because they are quite large, you can use them a few times. I actually prefer using face wipes to cotton wool now, it just seems a lot smoother and more efficient.

What are your top tips and uses for old products?

K x

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

NOTD: Parisian Polka Dot

Here are my nails for today. A quick and easy polka dot design.
I also decided to add a polka dot bow at the end, just to one ring finger

I used China Glaze white out, and liquid leather
and also my ebay nail art pens in black and white

I really like this look!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

My new love moisturiser: Skin MD natural

I have recently been trying out a product that has worked wonders for my skin, so I thought I would share it with you. The cold weather is no good for my skin, and along with the effects of central heating and chemicals, my skin, especially on my hands, tends to suffer. The worst thing for me is to get sore skin around my fingers, and that’s exactly what happens. I always find you never realise how much you use something, until it is painful to do so.
In my water marbling post, people commented on the sore skin on my finger, and it was very painful! It was a bit gross but here is a reminder:

This is not a good advert, and no one wants to see that! I had been using my usual moisturisers, but nothing seemed to help, and it was driving me crazy. Nothing made my hands feel better, and nothing prevented more dry skin. 

Thankfully I was contacted by Cat at Skin MD Natural, and introduced to their product. I tried it out and was pleased to find it cleared up my hands, leaving them feeling soft, moisturised and protected. It was lovely to find I could remove my nail varnish without pain when getting product in the sore areas. I know this sounds a bit dramatic, but if you have experienced this I am sure you can understand.

It wasn’t until I started using Skin MD Natural that I realised how ineffective my other products have been. After using other products, my hands felt greasy. I’m sure you have experienced the annoying feeling of not being able to grip anything after using moisturiser. You don’t get that with this product, and this is probably the thing I love the most about Skin MD Natural. You can tell you have applied the product, you can feel something refreshing on your skin, but it is just like having perfectly smooth skin, it doesn’t affect your ability to use your hands for the next hour like other products, but still manages to feel nourished. You can see my skin has cleared up in my latest posts.

When I went away for the weekend, just taking my travel beauty bag, I was disappointed to find  I didn't have my Skin MD Natural! I honestly think I was having withdrawal symptoms. My skin really missed it and couldn’t wait to get home to start using it again. Whilst the sore patches didn't return, my skin needed some TLC. Now I keep the bottle permanently in my handbag!

My Mum has very dry hands, and most products irritate her skin, however she found she could use this product with no problems, probably due to the natural base!  We both found this great to use on our face and hands! I love using it on my face also, it is not too thick to use before makeup. I love the cooling  and refreshed feeling it gives. When I apply it to my face it makes my skin feel so healthy that I am happy to leave my face like that and add minimal makeup. I have not tried it on my body, but that is mainly because I am trying to use up my other body butters before they expire.

There are lots of sciencey reasons why this product works and you can read more about that on the company website.  Basically, this is a shielding lotion, and works with your body to provide moisture to your skin.
I also think it is important to note a few facts about the company. It is always nice to find a product you love, that works well, but it is a bonus when you genuinely like the company. The first thing I noticed about Skin MD Natural was the fact they do not test on animals. This always makes the product even better in my opinion.

As summer approaches I think this will be great to use with a pedicure, and finally, I can’t wait to try the formula with sun protection in. I think this will be perfect for the summer!

K xx

Note: I was sent this product for free, however this does not affect my opinion on the product. I genuinely love it, and will be purchasing another bottle, as well as one for my mum!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Chinese New Year: Tiger Nails

Happy Chinese New Year!!
2010 is the year of the tiger so here are my inspired nails


These were really easy to do, and a lot of fun. They got a lot of compliments too!
I used Aztec Gold, by Collection 2000
Neon Orange, by beauty UK, and my black nail art pen from eBay
K xx

Friday, 12 February 2010

Romantic and Simple, French Nail


This is a really simple look. A little twist on the traditional French Manicure. 
Perfect to wear with my over the top valentines dress!

I used a cheap drugstore manicure kit, ELF white polish, and a black and silver nail art pen. Super cheap and easy

K x

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

LoveBug Nails

I think these ladybird nails are super cute for valentines day!
I used Rimmel Stronger bascoat
OPI Mod About You
Black and Red nail art pens.

This is really easy to do!

You could always add a large ladybird design on one nail

For some reason the video is showing up really dark on YT, but not on my computer so trying to fix that.

K xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Kerastase: Ciment Thermique

This is the real star among the Kerastase products I purchased. Ciment Thermique is a heat activated, reconstructing milk. It protects the hair, and also reinforces and strengthens hair, as all Kerastase products do. I was a bit shocked by the idea of this working with heat to smooth and strengthen the hair, and couldn't get my head round it at first. The first few times I used the Kerastase I skipped out on this product as I didn’t want to use heat on my hair, and was still impressed with the finishing results without this product.

When I finally gave in and styled my hair for a night out I knew this product was a must. I used the Bain de Force and Ciment Anti-usure, as I normally do, and then applied the Ciment Thermique to towel dried hair working from the ends upwards. I concentrated on the ends as these are the most damaged and need most protection, plus I didn’t want to weigh down the hair at my scalp. I massaged this into my hair and then combed with a wide tooth comb. 

I let my hair dry about 75% before blow drying, using a barrel brush to style.  This left my hair soft and sleek, I could have left it like this if I wanted, my hair never looks that good after a blow dry! I did want to finish it off, and see how it worked with my straighteners, so I finished it off by straightening some of the bottom and top layers. 

The Ciment Thermique really makes all the difference. I was impressed before, but this really was the icing on the cake. My hair looked and felt absolutely gorgeous. It no longer had that dry texture I had experienced previously when styling. Every hair stayed in place, and I can’t keep my hands out of it! It is so shiny and nourished after use of this product. 

This is a leave in product and I have been told that this lasts for a few washes, so you don’t need to reapply after every wash (that’s great, the less you need to use the better considering the price). Just to be sure my hair was well protected I did have a quick spritz of my Tresseme heat protector before styling, but I am sure this is not needed, and barely adds any protection at all.

The fragrance of this product is different to the other products I have tried in the resistance range. It is much more of a citrus smell, and is quite strong, but I really like it. It is fresh and clean but not over powering in your hair.

I don’t know if it is the combination of the products, and would love to try how these products work on there own in combination with other products. If you can only get one product, for me this would be it. I will keep going on using all products in combination, but as I start to run out and my hair strengthens I will try mixing the Ciment Thermique to see how it works with a more purse friendly shampoo. Of course I will let you know, and would love your thoughts on this.

K x

Monday, 8 February 2010

Spring Style ideas: BooHoo

I keep meaning to post my top 10 pieces, from BooHoo, for spring, however every time I try and pick them out, I see they have added new things and I don't know what to choose anymore. Today I decide to go ahead and get on with it. I have chosen these items from BooHoo, as it is my favourite website to browse, however you can find similar items at most online/high street stores.
Click on the pictures to go to the items.
First off I'd like to say 90% of the time on BooHoo, the items are perfect, although sometimes it is a little wrong. Take this for example.
It looks cute and warm, and I would probably love it as a child, but I'm not sure I could pull it off these days.

Here are 10 things I love, and can't wait to order for spring!
Pretty much anything nautical themed is a love of mine, but I narrowed it down to the following
This dress is really fitted and looks like it is really flattering. I think the belt detail and the buttons are really cute.

I love girly patterns, and the mixture of hard denim and the soft ruffles and flowers is really cute. This dress is a fine mixture so as not to be too over the top for everyday wear.
This lace cropped jacket is perfect for this years trends. It is a warmer, less revealing was to wear lace, and can be dressed up very girly and over the top, with a feminine dress underneath, or would look really cute with a tight black top and bottoms.
I fell in love with this studded mac the minute I saw it. I love the detailing and the shape to this one. A mac is perfect to take you from a winter coat into spring/summer, and this is a classic style and colour. At £20 this is a great price and will instantly brighten up a look, and makes a great change from your thick heavy winter coat. I really love this, and would wear it at least partly open to show off my cute outfit underneath.
I also love the cropped sleeve style, however it is double breasted and I'm not sure that would suit me.

I think the print on this dress is gorgeous, and while the print is large, the dress isn't too long, so it's not too much. If the cut is a little low, pair it with a black cami underneath, and maybe some tights for cold days.
Underwear as outerwear is a hot trend right now and I love it. Wearing this with a blazer would look really cute. What I like about this is it can work in a pub/club. If you want more of a daytime look I have seen some black jeans with lace inserts that would be a more subtle was to work this trend.
Granny Chic? Yes I think so. I adore it though. Warm and cute. Balance it out with some tight fitting jeans.
Denim is making a comeback this year. This is an interesting way to wear the trend. Do be careful to not over wear denim though. A full body of denim is never a good look. Use it to toughen up a fluttery dress.
I think this style of shoe is quite versatile and looks really cute on. They are great for extending legs and slimming feet. Just what I need. Wear them with jeans or dresses, and available in many colours.
 Finally, a piece of jewelery. These style rings are very popular right now. I think this one is far more detailed than any I've seen on the high street, and at a similar price too. £8 is a bargain for this, and it will go with so many outfits, day or night. I love oversized rings!

So those are my favourite things on the site right now. What are your favourite items for spring? And what website do you find yourself browsing the most?

All pictures were taken from, click the links to go to the items for a better view, and more product info.

K xx

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Kerastase: Initial Impressions

Ok, I have had the Kerastase products for little over a week, and have used them twice.
I bought them from LuxuryHairCare, and it cost me £35. I bought Resistance bundle 1, which contains the Bain de Force (strengthening hair bath, or shampoo), Ciment Anti-usure (conditioner), and Ciment Thermique (a heat activated treatment).

The resistance range is designed to strengthen hair, from within rather than just providing a glossy coating. Hair can become weakened through exposure to different sources including chemical colour, heat, pollution, and brush damage. A quick survey on the Kerastase website showed me I needed this range, and which products were best for my hair. If all is successful with these products, and my hair becomes stronger, I might try the reflection range.

I thought the packaging was a little boring and unimpressive for shampoo with such a high price, but then hoped than all the quality was shown in the product and results. I was also underwhelmed by the smell of the product. Don't get me wrong, it is not unpleasant, and is a very clean scent, however is not the highly perfumed smell I am used to with drugstore brands. I cannot put my finger on the scent, I know it reminds me of something.

Now, as I have said I have only used this twice in a week, and I normally wash my hair every other day, as if I don't it tends to become very greasy, flat and dull. However, on the 4th day after using this product, my hair still looked lovely and clean. This is a very good point for me as I know washing my hair too often is not good for it. So many hairs fell out in the shower when I was washing it before, so reducing that was very good for me.

Another positive of these products is how smooth and soft my hair felt. It was so easy to run a comb through it, and it barely pulled on my hair at all. This is great for my hair, as again it tends to break off when being brushed, so the softer and easier to manage it is the less damage is being done to my hair.

The results are beginning to show in my hair, however don't expect this to work over night. The point of Kerastase products is to strengthen your hair from the inside, unlike cheaper products which coat the outside of the hair. This is going to take some time to do, but I am prepared to wait. Expect many updates on this!

Loving what I see so far, but only time will tell.

K x