Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Water Marbled Nails

Today I decided I would attempt at water marbling on my nails. I had never tried this before, but there is a first time for everything, and with nothing else happening today I thought it would fill up some time. The look I was going for was "romantic swirls" using pinks for a Valentines theme. To do this I used several different colours, a bowl of water and a cocktail stick (also plenty of nail polish remover and cotton wool).

Each nail looks different and it is hard to believe the same colours were used for some of them. Take a look and the finished result.

I really like the effect that is given from this technique. I especially like the variety of looks you can create depending on the colours you use, and in what order you use them. How you swirl the polish, and also where you place the nail in the pattern also affects the result you get. No look is ever the same.

I am going to attempt a few more of these as before I show you, as with each nail I did I picked up little things that helped make it easier. I will make a tips and technique video soon.
Have you ever tried water marbling? What is your favourite colour combination?

K x

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