Friday, 29 January 2010

Hair blah

Coconut and almond intensive hair mask, Boots Ingredients.

£1.99 for 350ml

Currently on offer buy 1 get 2nd ingredients product half price
Available at Boots

Background: I have been feeling a bit blah about my hair recently. It is at that annoying stage between long and short and seems awfully boring and dull at the minute. I have been going through my products trying to find something to give it a little lift. Nothing seems to be working and it was getting weighted down with product.  Yesterday I decided to take action and bought myself some scissors (for the fringe) and some Kerastase products to give it a little boost. They are on their way to me as we speak, care of Royal Mail.

Now, today is Friday and is my lazy day before a hectic weekend, so I decided to take a bath – normally I’m a shower girl so a bath is my treat – and read a book. While I was in the bath I spotted my conditioning mask amidst all my products and decided I may as well use it. I don’t often use it as I can’t be bothered waiting around to rinse it out, 5 mins is a long time in a shower.
So today I plonked a generous helping into my hair, and read a few more pages. After what I guessed to be around 10 minutes, I rinsed it out, and happily went off to dry my silky soft hair.

So what is it like? It is a thick, creamy white product and distinctively smells of coconut. This is my favourite scent, although other scents/hair types are available. This one is for normal to dry hair. It feels very rich and nourishing when you apply it. I also really like the container as you can scoop your hand in and get out the right amount of product. I am now almost regretting spending nearly £40 on hair stuff yesterday. My hair is soft, silky and shiny, it is full of volume after my blow dry and the colour looks gorgeous. This product has really lifted my hair spirits and I feel really great.

That’s the thing about my hair, it really affects my mood and confidence if I don’t feel happy with it. Today I feel great and bubbly. Back to my usual self.

Saying that I will be pleased to try the Kerastase. I have never used any of their products before and I can’t wait to see what they are like. I am hoping they give some strength to my hair as well as making it look good. I will let you know! Likewise, I will probably be trying the rest of the Ingredients line from Boots as I am so happy with the results of this conditioner.
What do you think? Are expensive hair products worth it, or do you prefer drugstore?
K x

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