Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Years

Happy New Year everyone, welcome to 2010. I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve, and spent it with the people you love most.

I started out the evening with my family at mine, listening to music, and getting ready for the night. I then headed down to a pub with the boyfriend and some friends from school. These are the people who make a night out worth being there. We had a great time, with a disco and lots of random dancing. After 12 I headed back home for a drink with my family. It snowed on the way home. Lovely.

Overall a fab night, a great end to 2009, and a great start to 2010!

I don’t normally make New Years resolutions, but this year I wanted some goals, seen as I have finished school now I was worried if I didn’t make some goals I wouldn’t achieve anything this year. I am not going to put restrictions on myself, but more set aims.

1. Get fit, get healthy. This covers a range of things, from making sure I take vitamins and meds, to exercise and eating right. I want to eat more home cooked foods this year (more on that later).

2. Start saving. I have a savings account but it has the pathetic amount of 87p in it. I have recently graduated so I have been a poor student for a while. This year that better change =)

3. Use more, buy less. This seems to be everyone's aim this year. I need to sort my wardrobe/shoes/makeup, and only buy what I need. I keep forgetting what I’ve already got at home. This needs to stop. Of course I will still be shopping.

4. Make more time for family and friends. Me and the boyfriend tend to live in a little bubble, but I love when we get together with other people. Lets do that more.

5. Make the most of every single day!

I am sure there are more, and I will add them as they come up.

Did you make any resolutions this year?

K x

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