Monday, 8 February 2010

Spring Style ideas: BooHoo

I keep meaning to post my top 10 pieces, from BooHoo, for spring, however every time I try and pick them out, I see they have added new things and I don't know what to choose anymore. Today I decide to go ahead and get on with it. I have chosen these items from BooHoo, as it is my favourite website to browse, however you can find similar items at most online/high street stores.
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First off I'd like to say 90% of the time on BooHoo, the items are perfect, although sometimes it is a little wrong. Take this for example.
It looks cute and warm, and I would probably love it as a child, but I'm not sure I could pull it off these days.

Here are 10 things I love, and can't wait to order for spring!
Pretty much anything nautical themed is a love of mine, but I narrowed it down to the following
This dress is really fitted and looks like it is really flattering. I think the belt detail and the buttons are really cute.

I love girly patterns, and the mixture of hard denim and the soft ruffles and flowers is really cute. This dress is a fine mixture so as not to be too over the top for everyday wear.
This lace cropped jacket is perfect for this years trends. It is a warmer, less revealing was to wear lace, and can be dressed up very girly and over the top, with a feminine dress underneath, or would look really cute with a tight black top and bottoms.
I fell in love with this studded mac the minute I saw it. I love the detailing and the shape to this one. A mac is perfect to take you from a winter coat into spring/summer, and this is a classic style and colour. At £20 this is a great price and will instantly brighten up a look, and makes a great change from your thick heavy winter coat. I really love this, and would wear it at least partly open to show off my cute outfit underneath.
I also love the cropped sleeve style, however it is double breasted and I'm not sure that would suit me.

I think the print on this dress is gorgeous, and while the print is large, the dress isn't too long, so it's not too much. If the cut is a little low, pair it with a black cami underneath, and maybe some tights for cold days.
Underwear as outerwear is a hot trend right now and I love it. Wearing this with a blazer would look really cute. What I like about this is it can work in a pub/club. If you want more of a daytime look I have seen some black jeans with lace inserts that would be a more subtle was to work this trend.
Granny Chic? Yes I think so. I adore it though. Warm and cute. Balance it out with some tight fitting jeans.
Denim is making a comeback this year. This is an interesting way to wear the trend. Do be careful to not over wear denim though. A full body of denim is never a good look. Use it to toughen up a fluttery dress.
I think this style of shoe is quite versatile and looks really cute on. They are great for extending legs and slimming feet. Just what I need. Wear them with jeans or dresses, and available in many colours.
 Finally, a piece of jewelery. These style rings are very popular right now. I think this one is far more detailed than any I've seen on the high street, and at a similar price too. £8 is a bargain for this, and it will go with so many outfits, day or night. I love oversized rings!

So those are my favourite things on the site right now. What are your favourite items for spring? And what website do you find yourself browsing the most?

All pictures were taken from, click the links to go to the items for a better view, and more product info.

K xx

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