Sunday, 28 February 2010

Quick Tip: A New Use For Dried Facial Wipes

I am a huge fan of face wipes, I probably have a pack in every room, and use them for everything from taking make-up off to quick fixes, and wiping down surfaces. I just buy cheap ones from the supermarket. Here is my very glamorous pack from Morrisons, costing around 50p.
I'm sure we've all experienced dried up face wipes. I used to get a little frustrated, until I found a new use for them. Even the great trick of turning the pack upside down, so the liquid is more concentrated on the top wipes, fails me some times. Mostly because I prefer things to be the right way round, or I simply forget, but often damaged or old packaging can cause the top wipe to dry out. Once the seal looses stickyness they can dry out very quickly.

I have recently started using the dried ones to remove nail varnish. I was very impressed when it  removed my black nail varnish perfectly and easily! 
I love the results.The polish seems to come off much easier, and the fibers don't shred like cotton wool can. I also find they hold the polish remover better. Also, because they are quite large, you can use them a few times. I actually prefer using face wipes to cotton wool now, it just seems a lot smoother and more efficient.

What are your top tips and uses for old products?

K x

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