Monday, 5 October 2009

The start of something?

I have recently become really interested in nail polish. The past few months I have not gone a day without wearing it. I love experimenting with new colour combos and designs. I intend to update you with these often.
China glaze was my first ebay purchase nail polish wise, and I haven’t looked back. I have recently discovered an ebay seller who ships to the UK quite cheaply, it works out about £5 a bottle. Some drug store brands are more expensive than that so I think that is a good buy.
My opinion of OPI is very positive at the moment after trying Mod About You. This is a gorgeous creamy baby pink. Whilst I am not completely sold on the matte trend, this has no shimmer, but is not a flat colour there definitely is high shine.
As soon as this colour landed on my doorstep I had to apply it. I was in a rush so no base or top coat (tut tut), but this has not affected the durability and shine. Five days later and no chips? What more can I ask.

As far as application this was a dream. I’m not sure how I feel about the large brush, as I have always felt like I needed a smaller brush for greater control, but actually there was hardly any clean up required. The large brush was good as I did not need to go over each nail several times for each coat, just one swipe and it was done. You do end up with a large amount of product on the brush, but this is easily wiped on the top of the bottle. Evenness of colour and opacity cannot be faulted. I am truly sold and can feel a large collection of OPI coming along.
Do you have any colour recommendations?

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