Sunday, 11 October 2009

Halloween according to OPI

This morning I received my OPI Halloween set. I saw it on eBay and it looked so cute! It cost about £4 plus shipping. This years edition is called Tattoo ta-boo!, in light of the free temporary tattoos that come in the set. You get 4 miniature bottles of nail polish.

This years colours are (left to right) Witch Arm? (black), Glow-ink the dark (blue), Tattoo You Want Candy (orange), and I Love Mummy (white).
Each bottle is a cute-sized 3.75ml. Most of the colours are pretty standard, a black, white and an orange. The “special” colour is glow-ink the dark, the blue colour, which glows in the dark. It has to be very dark for this to work, but is kinda cool.
On the back of the pack are some ideas for Halloween nail art, so I took inspiration from this, went down to my local craft store and picked up some thin paint brushes and got to work.

I started with a a full nail of glow-ink the dark. This colour is so even and smooth. The small brush provides a perfect application.  This was unbelievably sheer after one coat…

but keep going, and 4 coats later, a lovely colour is formed.

This is kind of similar to a matte polish in consistency, and appearance. It doesn't last too long on the nails, but it is worth it in my opinion. Besides how long can you really have glow in the dark nails for.

I then used I Love Mummy to create the white dots, and used my small paint brush to put black dots in the white circles.
And here we have my “eyes on you” Halloween nail art.

Can’t wait to try the next design.

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