Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Special K

Today is the first day of my Special K diet!
The diet involves eating Kellogg's Special K for breakfast and lunch, having healthy snacks (fruit) and eating a balanced meal for tea. I had my first bowl of Special K today, and actually really enjoyed it. It has a crunchy oaty taste and really filled me up.
I weigh  9st7, and my BMI is about 26. I am quite short at 5ft, so any extra weight doesn’t really have anywhere to hide. I would like to loose a stone, but will be happy to weigh anything under 9st. For two weeks I am going to eat (as far as practical) 2 bowls of Special K a day. This is not always possible for me, especially as I have to eat out a lot with work, but I am going to try my best.
I will keep you updated with what I ate and my weight loss. For this I am relying on Wii Fit, which I absolutely love. I am also hoping to do at least 20mins of exercise a day in one form or another.
So, here starts my Special K challenge!
What is your favourite weight loss method?

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