Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Don’t buy it, mix it!

As most people have been I have been obsessing over Cool Reserve nail polish from MAC. I think there was too much in the collection to really find anything I had to have, but the nail polish was a real want! I have love and friendship from the rose romance collection, but want something a little more grey toned for Autumn. Cool reserve would be perfect for this, or Metro Chic (Sephora OPI).
In the spirit of “project 10 pan”, I decided to make my own nail polish. I have a grey nail polish in the form of China Glaze’s recycle. I absolutely adore this colour! It is a lovely creamy grey colour. I used this as a base coat, with two coats on all hands. I then used my dirty lilac, love and friendship, over the top.
I used two coats for colour evenness, but once it was thoroughly dried I think one coat would be enough. 
Take a look at the pics!
Recycle looks like this all alone…

Top it with Love and friendship…

This colour is not really true to life as it was dark by the time I took this photo. There is a more obvious grey tone naturally.
It will be replaced by a more accurate photo soon!

Have you mixed any colours in the past? I would love to hear your favourite combos
P.S. I have worn this out today and have had sooo many compliments!

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