Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Benefit experience

Who else is a sucker for packaging? I adore Benefit for this reason, the packaging gets me every time. I recently had a trip to Debenhams, with he intention of getting a new foundation from MAC. I got a little distracted by the Benefit counter.

The woman who served me was lovely (would be when they want a sale haha). She showed me the new perfumes first, they were in amazing packaging, like little houses – so cute. I wasn’t too taken on the smells, they were nice, but I wasn’t convinced.

Then it was the fun part – trying out the products. She was asking me about my skin and my makeup, and ended up slapping on some Benefit some kinda gorgeous foundation. I wasn’t really prepared for it, but I ended up loving it. She did half my face first so the difference was really dramatic when she was done!

I normally go for liquid foundation, as I just find it easier too use, I’m a bit lazy and feel it needs less blending. Some Kinda Gorgeous is a cream product, but I have been applying it with a foundation brush. I hate the sponge that comes with it! But with the brush it is great. I really enjoy using this product and am so glad I got it.


I also ended up buying the one hot minute powder. I have been using this as a final step after my foundation, blush etc, just to add a bit of glow for the evening. I really like that too. It looks a little scary in the pot, but once its on your face it is a lot more sheer. Again, I don’t like the brush this comes with. It’s really soft and a nice fan shape and would be good for on-the-go application, but it is much easier just to use a fluffy brush.


What’s your favourite Benefit product? Are you a sucker for packaging?

K x

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