Friday, 18 June 2010

Posh Pout

I popped into Superdrug to pick up my free Dazzle Dust earlier in the week, and couldn't walk past the Sleek stand without picking up the new "limited edition" pout polishes. The two new ones are Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Soufflé.
I already own and love Cadillac Pink and Electro Peach. I love throwing them in the bottom of my handbag and coming across them when I'm not looking for them and slapping them on. These two new colours do not disappoint either. 

I was expecting these two to have a different flavour to the original polishes. I think it was the name that made me think this. I am one of the people who love the scent and taste of the originals but I know some people who do not like the sweet vanilla type flavour that comes with this product. These new Pout Polishes also contain SPF, perfect for the summer months. I know I get sunburn in the strangest places - feet, lips, ears.
In terms of pigmentation, Raspberry Souflé is the intense bright colour of the other two Pout Polishes I own. Whilst Lemon Meringue is a more sheer result on the lips, although you can see the yellow tones. It is a refreshing change to the usual lip colours, however I am very pleased it was not too pigmented.
Both of these look lovely alone or with another colour underneath, and are definitely a purchase I am happy with. I much prefer these to the boring traditional lip balms, and I will eventually try the other two colours.
Which is your favourite?
K xx

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