Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Twi-shadows are Glamour Doll eye shadows inspired by the lovely Twilighters. Now, I am a huge Twilight fan, but I am not so much into the merchandise. I was, however, drawn to these shadows for some reason. I have wanted to try GDE for  while, and the full collection was available in sample sizes, so I thought why not. The colours in the collection looked so varied and interesting that I had to try them out.
For this collection the packaging it is a little different to the normal GDE packaging, and I really like it.
I decided to go with the sample sizes, for several reasons. The main was I had never tried GDE, so I wanted to see what the products/service/shipping was like with this company, before committing to the full sizes. Also, with wanting to try  good range of colours, I didn't want too much product for me to actually be able to use.

Samples are available in baggies ($1.50) or in small jars ($2.50). There are 10 twi-shadows all together, and I managed to pick them up in a collection for $17.75, including shipping. You could get the full set in sample baggies for $11.25, but having seen the baggies, I am pleased I spent the extra money on the jars. 
(I was given two free little baggie samples with me order)

As far as service goes, I was kept informed of order progress and updated when my order was dispatched. It has taken in total maybe 5 days longer than my Every Day minerals order, but I think that is very good considering it is just Vee running the show herself! There is something satisfying knowing you are ordering from such a small company.
Here are some swatches if you're interested...

There are so many colours I want to try, and the Eye Lights look really pretty. I love how shipping is free for samples, and this includes international! Also, if you buy a sample and decide to go ahead with the full jar, the cost of the sample can be knocked of the price, which I think is excellent service.      
What are your favourite Glamour Doll Eye Shadows?
K xx

P.S I have had this saved for ages as I have been trying to post my picture of me with "R-Patz" (well, his wax work at Madame Tussauds) but for some reason it wont open on my computer, and as it is getting close to the Eclipse release I thought I should post it now.

Also, if the links don't work, I think I read the site is going back up later today, so check back if you want to see the info on the site!

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