Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sigma To Go

My beautiful travel size Sigma brushes just in time for me to take away to the wedding a few weeks ago! I loved testing these out on the go for real, and somehow managed to resist taking any other brushes.
I will keep this post  quick, I know you all know about Sigma... Pictures:

The brushes are nice, as everyone says. I managed to have the right brushes for both me day and night look, although didn't have anything to apply my gel liner. I used the tip of the concealer brush which worked as an excellent substitute, but I must remember to add a thin brush for eyeliner next time I'm away.
Thankfully I didn't have to pay import tax/royal mail fees! I was worried about this!

I hated paying $14 for shipping, I wonder what it actually costs to post these out. I chose the standard shipping, because it was all quite expensive, and the site says to allow 14-21 days, however I received my order within 9 days from US to UK, and that included a UK bank holiday weekend! I thought that was amazing.
Overall, I wish I had the full kit now, and after not paying any customs fees, I can justify buying it.

I got these with $10 off, thanks to a link on the youtube page. If this offer wasn't on, I would go for one of the full sized kits. However, I didn't own a travel set, so I am very pleased with my purchase.

K xx

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