Sunday, 27 June 2010

"don't come near me with that ming in your hair"

That was the response I got from my boyfriend after I applied Argon Oil for the first time last week. Honestly I can see why, it looked very greasy and it absolutely stank. I didn't mind though after hearing such great things about it.
I had slightly wet hair, and just covered my entire head and hair in the oil. I then massaged it in for around 5 minutes, and then tied it back, and washed it out the next afternoon.
On washing my hair, it was very difficult to get all the oil out. Obviously water and any oil don't well work together, and after shampooing twice I was still left with traces in my ends, and my hair looked a little wet. I decided to leave it and wash it again the next day.

Once I was sure all the product was washed out and I had dried and styled my hair, I loved the results. My hair was very easy to manage, and felt refreshed. My hair has for a long time needed a kick of life, and I think this product was it. It was worth putting up with the smell, and the mess (my pillow case was ruined) for the life my hair has gained.

Next time I use it, I think I will use it similar to a hot oil treatment, using a small amount every week, to reduce any residue left in my hair, and to limit product build up. Hopefully this will keep the results going, rather than apply a whole lot at one time, and seeing the shine and life deteriorate over the next few months.
 I wouldn't say I enjoyed using the product, but I definitely think it was worth it!

K xx

P.S. I have neglected my blog over the last few weeks, I have several posts planned, but just need to sort out the finishing touches.

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