Thursday, 10 June 2010

London, London, London

I've been away this week! I had a wonderful time in London, saw Legally Blonde, and did a few touristy things (things I'd already done once, but I just love London).

Legally Blonde was amazing. I love Sheridan Smith, and her character really comes through in the show, as does Elle's of course! Such a fun show. Very cheesy but definitely a feel god show.
Covent Garden was amazing! This was my first time here, and I loved it. There is some tat here, but some real gems too! Very lively fun place to be.

The baby elephants were something different to look at.
They are all over London!

I also picked up all 3 copies of Glamour today, before this I had not heard of the IT stick, but it is an amazing creamy concealer stick. My favourite of the 3, if I only got one thing, I would have got that one. Of course I had to get them all though, such a good deal, and I'm not ashamed of bulk buying a magazine! Neither were the 3 ladies in the queue behind me at St Pancras WHSmith.

Did you pick up any?
K xx

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