Thursday, 1 July 2010

My latest obsession...

I go through phases of loves, and when I'm in that phase I tend to purchase as much of that product as I can. At the minute I am loving brushes. I have always been a big fan of brushes, I love trying out different brands and brush types. I always found I would be attracted to the more unusual looking brushes before the basics. 

Anyways, recently I have been hauling a lot of brushes, especially Sigma. The obsession I have been having has led me to realise my favourite brush! This isn't a new, or expensive brush, but one I have had in my collection for a while. I have always enjoyed it, but never realised how much I loved it until now. 
The brush I am talking about is this Studio Powder brush, by ELF.

This brush is £3.50, and the best face brush I have ever tried. It is synthetic, and so cruelty free.
Although this is called a powder brush I use it for everything from liquid foundation to blush. It is basically a flat top kabuki on a stick. I have never owned a kabuki, but have always wanted one, but this brush really does everything I could want. It blends, applies and evens out everything so well.

I find it easy to clean, unlike some synthetic brushes. The only thing I didn't like about this was there were a few uneven hairs in the brush, but I just trimmed them myself. It was easy enough to do, and we are only talking one or two hairs, and now the brush is perfect! 
I have never experienced any shedding, or dye loss. The brush holds up well when washing, and returns easily to its original shape. It does take quite a while to dry, but I find that with all Taklon brushes. Also, it is unbelievably soft, as well as dense.

This is definitely the best £3.50 I have spent on any make-up product. 
It is out of stock at the minute on the UK site, but I hear ELF are getting a HUGE delivery this week, and so hopefully I will be able to order a second one then.
What is your favourite brush?

K xx

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