Tuesday, 13 July 2010

ASDA Price

Today I went out shopping to Leeds, and went into the ASDA Living store, not to exciting but there isn't one where I live. As I was walking around the make up stand caught my eye straight away. I was hoping they would have the George make up as, again, my local ASDA doesn't stock it. A while back there was a little hype in the blog world over the pastel nail polishes. Of course I now have the colours from different brands so I skipped over them, although there was hardly any left anyway.

The colour that caught my eye was "Under The Sea", a green shade with a hint of blue. It reminded me of the swatches of Mermaid To Order from Sephora by OPI. I will probably never get my hands on that one, but this colour makes up for it in my opinion. I am not claiming this to be a dupe or anything, but for £1 it is a very accessible product from a very similar colour family, and it makes me happy.

As far as formulation, I cannot complain. I have heard people complain about the consistency of the pastel colours with streaks and difficulty applying it. I had no trouble with this colour. It was a little sheer with one coat, but with two, it turned into an opaque, streak free block of colour. It is shiny and almost metallic on the nails. As you can tell I am very happy with it. It looses some of the blue tone when applied to the nails compared to the bottle, but you can definitely still see it in different lights.

While I'm writing, I may as well show you the other things I picked up in ASDA. I never overlook supermarket clothes/accessories!

I love this polish, and can't wait to try some other colours!
Do you have any George makeup recommendations?

K xx

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