Sunday, 23 May 2010

Tinted Moisturiser ramble...

I have been hunting high and low for my Benefit tinted moisturiser, You Rebel, but for some reason I cannot find it anywhere. This was my beauty staple for a few months, and so for that reason there is barely any left so it's not a huge disaster. However, there is something about this weather that I crave for it. If you are not in the UK, you should know we are experiencing what will probably be the few days of heat and glorious sunshine we will get this year. Heaven.

Back to the point of this blog post, my thoughts on Benefit's You Rebel lite, tinted moisturiser. I absolutely loved this last summer. I found it as a great alternative to foundation, however it is not without its problems. 
The first thing that niggles me, is the packaging. Normally I love Benefit packaging, but not this time. Here is a google stock photo for you...
Not really what I have come to expect from Benefit, but I s'pose it is OK here. The trouble really comes when you start using it and squeezing the tube. All the outer area on the tube peels off and cracks. You are left with a scraggled looking tube, which I am ashamed for people to see. 
Aside from that, I do also find it quite greasy and oily. I always had to set it lightly with a mineral foundation. That is saying something as I have dry skin!
Besides from those few problems, I think it gives you lovely glowing skin, and I really enjoy using it. I find if I am not going out straight away I can leave it to settle in on its own without setting it, but if I am getting really in a rush it definitely needs to be set. 
I love the coverage and SPF you get from wearing You Rebel, and I do enjoy using it. I just wish I could find it.
I also vaguely remember something about the smell, but can't remember if this was a good or bad thing. oops.
So I am on the hunt now for a new tinted moisturiser. It may well be Benefit's that I end up with, but I would love to try a new one. I know everyone raves about Laura Mercier, but I would like to try something different.

What is your summer face product of choice?

K xx

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