Friday, 28 May 2010

At The Zoo

I haven’t ordered from Everyday Minerals for about a year, but recently when I did my favourites post I was reminded of my love for DVR Saturday blush. I decided to place an order. Since I last ordered there has been some controversy which slightly put me off, so I decided to skip the foundation, not that I needed any. 

I went with the At The Zoo collection, and the Try Me kitCoral matte blush. I thought that they were very reasonably priced, at $12 for the At The Zoo collection, which included sample sizes of Hipster Hippo, Sea Horse, and At the Zoo eyeshadow, as well as Truly Tiger Blush and Luminizing Sunlight Powder. The $5 try me kit, includes 3 blushes, and was included for free (although I was actually charged $0.01, something to do with Paypal having to charge for everything, according to EDM). I was charged $6 for the shipping.
The order was placed on 15th May, and I received them on the 25th. I thought this was reasonable for shipping from US to UK. I was kept updated regularly, and customer service was excellent when responding to my queries. The new website loads quite slow and my computer, and I find it quite fussy in a simple way. It was driving me mad trying to purchase. However, I made it through.
As a note for customs, if you are ordering to import, on the shipping label they put $12.01, which is what I paid for the items, excluding shipping.
As for the products themselves, they are beautiful colours and well pigmented.  I especially loved the Tiger blush, it really warms the face up. The look below was created using the At The Zoo kit only.
They are very cutely packaged, and I much prefer the new packaging that the murky brown of the old style EDM.

I also love the Jr. Eye Kabuki Brush. It is completely different to any eye brush I own, and works great in the crease.

Definitely glad I purchased, and I am going to be repurchasing for sure! These would also be great to purchase as a gift, especially with the cute packaging.

If you are thinking of trying out a few thinks, the Try Me kits can be picked up free of charge, and cost around $3.50 for delivery to the UK.
K xx


nicoletta said...

Thanks for this i love everyday minerals stuff. I keep trying not to order as i want so much of the stuff xx

Katiecould said...

@nicoletta I know it is so tempting! Do you have any recommendations for me? xx