Monday, 17 May 2010

Sucked in again…

I blame my Mum! She shouldn’t encourage me to be buying more polish, but she cant help herself. On Friday in Boots she convinced me to stock up on Diet Coke and grab some more Nails Inc Polish. You guys know I don’t need much encouragement, so off I went and chose Paris and New York to add to my collection.
There was only one Paris left, and I can see why. It is absolutely lovely. Quick swatcheroo…
New York really is a standard bright pink colour, but no harm in a swatch for you…

I might just convince myself I need more diet coke this week and pick up the last bottle. I don’t really need another red nail polish but I feel bad for leaving out the last one!
I think this off runs until the 30th, so grab yours if you haven’t already.
The diet coke is growing on me by the way!
What is your favourite polish from this collection?
K xx

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