Sunday, 30 January 2011

Nails, Inc

So, again it’s time for a Nails inc & diet coke promotion. If you remember last time, I got them all, and I’d love them all this time too. No shame in stocking up on diet coke for a free nail polish is there! I haven’t heard much about this promotion this time, whereas last time “everyone and their mother” was blogging about it!
This time I found out a little late, and when I went into my local Boots they only had the Cool Caramel colour and the Heather Grey. I was with the boyfriend, and didn’t want to appear too crazy so I just picked up the Heather Grey, and didn’t panic outwardly about the others being missing! I noticed the offer is on until February 15th so hopefully there will be some stock somewhere!

Here are the pics,

Obviously I like this colour…
MAC Love & Friendship, E.L.F Mod Mauve, Nails Inc Heather Grey

but they are all slightly different, honest!
ELF on thumb nail, MAC on middle finger
I picked up Cool Caramel the next day, but I cant find it now!

I really wanted the Denim one, so I rang my brother this morning, and told him to check his local Boots for me, and he did and surprised me with this when he came round this afternoon

Happy days!
I would like to point out I am still not that much of a Nails Inc fan. The colours are really opaque though and easy to apply. They just don't last that long. I'm all for a freebie though, and at £2ish, I can't complain!

Does this offer tempt you?
K x

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