Tuesday, 18 January 2011

SATC Nails

Now, you may have notices from previous posts I'm a little Sex and The City fan! I loved my Samantha inspired nails, and have worn them many times. For Christmas I was given a little nail set inspired by SATC, with a colour for each character. I was a little unsure of it at first, but now I love it.

It is a really cute gift idea for any fan, and I have enjoyed using them. I love how the colours match the characters! These are not necessarily the colours worn by the girls (I have to say I've never noticed Carrie with nail polish) but they definitely fit their personalities. There is also an extremely sparkly, glam nail file included.


I paired Carrie's polish with Golden Goddess from ELF for New Years, in a graduated layer.




This was originally bought from Boots, but is available a lot cheaper from eBay. Such a cute gift idea.
Also available from Boots are Sex and The City "the look" palettes for each character!
Honestly, put Carrie on anything and I want it!

K xx

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