Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, hello there! 
I can hardly believe I haven't posted since October! I just have not had any spare time, with work, Christmas, and such. Excuses, excuses I know, but there you have it. Anyway, no surprise that my New Year Resolutions start with blogging more. I of course have been keeping up with the community, through blogger and youtube, and hauling away happily, I just have had no time to photograph it and share with you. I am back now though, I have missed having my own space to showcase loves, rant, and randomly post!

For now, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and I would like to wish you all an amazing 2011 (can you believe it!). I am hoping for a fairytale year, 2010 was amazing, and hopefully 2011 will be twice as good! We are only 3 days in and I love it already! 

Make the most of everyday, 
Love always
K x

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