Saturday, 27 March 2010

Random: Nail Shape

Today I have been thinking a lot about nail shape. I normally leave my nails to grow in a natural shape, but many manicurists say you should stick with your cuticle shape. This causes me a problem because some of my cuticles are rounded and some are quite squoval. I find it odd that my round cuticles tend to have square nails and the square cuticles have round nails. The reason I was thinking about this is that one of my nails broke, and actually ended up shaped to a perfect point. I didn't have a nail file with me at the time, and kept stabbing myself!
Here is a photo of the offending nail
I cannot believe people actually pay money to have their nails shaped like this! I could not wait to get it home and give it a nice file and sort it out. I have not broken a nail in the longest time, which I put down to my Rimmel Stronger, but whenever I do, they normally break into a smooth shape which doesn't need filing. My nails are normally very low maintenance. I honestly could not manage with my nails like this, and if you do, how do you do it!

Obviously when people have their nails done like this (stiletto nails), they are much longer and beautifully decorated. For me however they are so impractical and I am glad it was a temporary measure. 

My favourite nail shape is square, but I am too lazy to maintain it!

What is your favourite nail shape? Do you even care?

K x

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