Thursday, 5 November 2009


Ok, this is really random, but I think I have a fear of mechanics.
My car has been behaving really funny recently, juddering around and things, so I came up with a solution: stop driving it. Mmm now this is not the most practical, and I am sure it is nothing serious, but the thought of taking it to the garage, actually fills me with fear.
It has been over a week now, and I finally decided to give them a ring, I described the symptoms and they said it sounded like a problem with the clutch, but if I wanted to take it in they would give it a drive and see what it was.
So I was brave enough to drive it there, and I realised as I got close to the garage I was actually shaking! How stupid?! I don't even know why, the garage I use is nothing but friendly and helpful, and I always come away happy, but getting there I have this huge feeling of dread in my stomach, and I can't stand it when I have an MOT!
So I think I need help to conquer my fear of mechanics, not sure how but I am going to get it sorted.
Hopefully the repairs on my car will be quick and wont cost too much =)
Do you have any stupid fears? And how do you get over them?
Me? I came home and ate some Galaxy chocolate, watched Gossip Girl and painted my nails!
K xx

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