Sunday, 3 July 2011

P20 = -/+

After returning from my holiday with a distinct lack of tan, and trying to justify this to a work colleague (burn to easy, apply sun cream about 50 times a day), she mentioned me trying P20. I had never heard the name, but once she described the product, I think I have heard of it.
Riemann P20 Once a Day 100ml
The idea of this product is basically, you apply it everywhere and it is supposed to last for 10 hours. This particular formulation is equivalent to spf20, however i know an spf10 version also exists. The reason this product is supposed to work so well is that it blocks 90% of the UVB rays (the ones that cause the burn).They also claim it is still 90% effective after water exposure, as it is extremely water resistant. It sounds a very interesting product, and there seems to be many a positive review floating around. 
My question is would you trust a suncream that you could apply once and leave all day? The idea is promising, no messy reapplications sounds like heaven. But, do I dare trust it?

K x


Joanna. said...

I use this religiously when I go abroad (and actually if it gets a bit sunnier here in the UK) and it works. Really it does. Apply liberally in the morning, but make sure you get everywhere (because if you don't you'll know about it when you burn) and you can go swimming, roll about in sand, sit in the sun all day and it'll protect you. I honestly can't recommend this enough!
Only problem with it is it is greasy at first so I wouldn't get dressed too quickly/apply it when I'm wearing a nice dress.

Great product!

Katiecould said...

@Joanna. thanks for your comment, I picked some up and cant wait to try it out