Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I joined a gym!

Today was my first session at the gym I recently joined. Now, I have never really been into sort and exercise, but I really want to get healthy this year. When a new gym opened right by me, I jumped at a chance to join up, and you know what, I loved it! I will try and keep this updated with my progress so I can monitor it and keep going.

The numbers:
Today I weigh 9st6, and have a BMI of 25.7. I'm only 5ft tall so I need to keep my weight down. Ideally below 9st to keep me happy. I did 30 mins of cardio exercise (10mins treadmill, 10mins bike, 10mins cross trainer) and I felt brilliant after it. Going back tomorrow to see if I can remember how to use all the machines.

While I have been waiting for the gym induction I have been going swimming. I am also going to start the Get Running couch to 5K program via the app I downloaded an age ago. Would love to be able to run some sort of decent distance as I never have before.

If you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside.

K x

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