Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What I wore

Here's how I wore some of the items I purchased this week...

Top: Matalan
Skirt: H&M
Leggings, Ring, belt: all Primark
Shoes: George @ Asda
Watch: ASOS
Necklace: eBay

Nails: Collection2000 Plum Rose
I normally buy outfits as a whole and vary rarely mix and match. My wardrobe is a bundle of things that don't really go, and about as far from a capsule wardrobe as you can get. I'll show you sometime... 
But these are just random pieces I picked up, and this is how I've put them together today. I love little bodycon skirts, I shove them with everything. I wanted to wear this top a little tucked in, but I couldn't make it sit right, so this is how it ended up.

K x

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