Sunday, 25 September 2011

Au Naturel

My latest purchase from Superdrug will probably come as no surprise. I love the Sleek palettes and Pout Polish especially. I had to get my hands on this collection! 
 This is of course the Nude collection, featuring eyeshadow palette, blush and pout polish. 
 Nude blush in Suede
 Pout Polish in Bare Minimum
 Eyeshadow palette in Au Naturel
The colours in this palette are staples, and can be used to create a variety of neutral looks. Here are a couple I have created in the past week or so I have been using the palette.
I love the smooth feeling finish on the blush, 
and the pout polish worn above is gorgeously natural

From smokey eyes, greens to soft natural tones

Sleek seem to be bringing out palettes far quicker than I can keep up with. My local Superdrug seem to gave the same problem, they never have enough stock and this was the last of all three items in the store. It drives me mad when they don't keep the stands looking clean tidy and up to date.
There are a few products I really want to try so I wish the store would get it's act together. The Oh So Special palette looks like it wold be very useful, but I want to see it in person before I order.

What's on your Sleek wish list?

K x

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