Thursday, 11 August 2011

In the post...

Today I received some orders from overseas. I was pretty excited to hear the postman knock this morning, and I couldn't wait to rip open my packages. The first was my makeup palette from Sigma.
I chose the Flare palette.
It was much bigger and heavier than I thought, but is full of gorgeous colours and I have been playing around with looks all day.
The quality of the brushes is up to the usual Sigma standard, which I was expecting, but is not always the case with other brands. I would be happy to take this kit on my travels as several looks could be created from it.
The other thing I bought is a second Focco bag. This is basically a copy cat of the Alexander Wang bag, but this time in black. I got this from eBay and used this seller.
K x

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nicoletta said...

Oooh the palettes look beautiful x